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Friday, March 11th, 2005
5:07 pm
Alright, this has gone on long enough...Dylan's been incarcerated longer than wizards who've committed far worse crimes. Who knows when the tribunal is going to be scheduled, and it's bloody foolish for them to keep him down there until they can get their arses in gear and set up a date.

Geraint and I've talked about it, and we both agree that it's about time to get something done. I mean, the very least they can do is let him out and have him check in periodically with the Aurors. It's not as if he's a flight risk--he's married to a Ministry employee, he has family members in high positions in the Ministry, he's a successful businessman with an office to run...no reason for him to take off, especially if Geraint and I both offer our full assurances that he'll be here to appear before the tribunal on the date that it's set.

If nothing else, I'll appeal to their accountants' bloody mean streak--give them a rundown of how much they've spent to keep him locked up and how much more it'll be if they continue to hold him. That lot's tighter than a nun's twat; if anything will appeal to their sensibilities, that will!

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Tuesday, March 1st, 2005
9:14 am
::picks up the paper again, looks at Dylan's photo as the terrified blond wizard hangs onto the runaway carpet::


Gods...I shouldn't be laughing--I mean, Finn's frantic, Dylan's terrified and humiliated, Cassie and Catherine are distraught, the Ministry's in an uproar and Geraint...well, let's just say that I'm surprised Geraint's not already had a coronary right in the hall outside his office. But still...oh, gods, this is the the funniest thing I've seen in a long time! The gods only know how many illegal flying carpets are probably floating around in Britain--both from before the ban and now after--but only my son-in-law has taken one out for a joyride to rival all joyrides in full view of half of London!

He's in a world of trouble, that's for sure and for certain; he's broken a whole load of laws and regulations, but let's be honest here... he didn't KILL anyone. Granted, it's going to be weeks of work for the Obliviators to reverse that many Muggle memories, time spent repairing the damage to property, a whole fuckload of time spent smoothing things over with the Muggle Parliament and who knows what else, but still...you've got to admit, it's one of the funniest things that's happened in a good bit. (Wouldn't tell Geraint that, seeing as how I value both my life and my body parts!)

Speaking of the Infamous Criminal Mastermind's good old Da, I wonder if he's got enough copies of today's Prophet? I mean, a full front-page article like this is likely worthy of being made into one of those scrap-book/memory book affairs... ::snickers::

::taps his wand on the Prophet, creating multitudes of copies of the article, bundles them together and sends them 'priority delivery' to Geraint's office...making sure to Ward his own office tightly in anticipation of retaliation from one Very Angry Unspeakable::

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Saturday, February 26th, 2005
8:51 am
Oh, my...what an evening! Ciara's birthday was last week, right after Dylan and Finn got back from Egypt. She had her party for her wizarding friends then, and what an event that was! It was a virtual wonderland, and Dylan and Rowan truly outdid themselves on it. The entire day and event was beyond special for her, and I think that all of the girls as well as the parents had a fabulous time. She was especially excited to be able to invite some of the girls from Haras that she's become close to, and the girls were completely accepted by the other children.

Ciara made a concerted effort to not tell any of her other friends about where she'd met the Haras girls until *after* all of them had bonded over cakes and ice cream and glittery trinkets. It was only then that she happened to mention where they went to school, and by then, the other girls really could have cared less that they were squealing and pretend-shopping with werewolf and vampire children. Oh, some of them might have been taken back a bit at first, but it was only for a short time because they all started gossiping again about singers and actors and who's got the hottest smile in Witch Weekly and how cool it is that Ciara knows Aidan McCloy and Adie McCormack--typical preteen girliness! It just goes to show that prejudices are learned and not ingrained, and hopefully these girls will be able to dispel any nastiness that is said about the students at Haras now that they've met some of them and truly enjoyed socialising with them.

Anyway, that was her wizarding party which was a complete success! Last night, she had a sleepover and pizza party for all of her Muggle friends from down in the village. That's always a challenge--to 'de-magic' the house and grounds enough so that the girls don't suspect anything. But, really, children that age are often so wrapped up in their own business that they don't notice anything that Graeme and I might have forgotten. As with the wizarding children, these girls were far more interested in makeup and hair-do's, celebrity magazines and chattering and singing along to those flat musical items--CD's, I believe?--as well as watching countless Muggle films on the huge telly that Graeme insisted we buy as soon as he saw that it was the 'latest thing'. Thin as a portrait it is, and has some sort of long description about it being highly defined and flat, as well as having something rather repulsive sounding inside it. Plasma, I belive. I can't imagine what a blood product would be doing inside a telly, but there you are. Muggles use some of the strangest things in their electronics!

Of course, Graeme made a quick escape to his library as soon as the shrieking and squealing commenced, and I have to admit that I was sorely tempted to cast a Silencing Charm on that room myself! Still, it was obvious that the girls were having a grand time, and I well remember what it was like to be eleven. They stayed up until all hours before the last one collapsed sometime around four this morning. Now, however, they're up and at it again; everyone enjoying pancakes in the conservatory in their pyjamas.

It doesn't seem possible that my little girl is growing up so fast!

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Sunday, January 23rd, 2005
4:47 pm
My goodness...it hardly seems that January should nearly be over already! Where does the time go? It seems as though we were just celebrating Christmas and New Year's, and now it's almost February. Which, of course, means that Ciara's birthday is rapidly approaching.

And speaking of time flying, it hardly seems possible that my little girl should be turning eleven. She should only be a little baby, but here she is, about to receive her Hogwarts letter and go off to school in September. I'm so proud and happy, but still...she's just growing up too fast. I remember the day that she was born as if it were yesterday--holding that tiny bundle in my arms, looking up at Graeme's face to see the look of pride and absolute adoration wreathing his features. He was captivated by her from the moment that he laid eyes on her and when she wrapped her tiny hand around his finger, I knew that it was just the beginning of a lifetime of having her daddy wrapped around her finger. He adores both of his children, but there is always that special bond between fathers and daughters.

Finn, of course, was less than impressed with her. At ten years old, he was far more interested in his books, his horses and his dogs to worry much about an infant that did little more than cry, eat and sleep. He commented more than once that she 'really wasn't good for much, was she?', but then one evening I went to the nursery to check on her and found him holding her and singing to her in the moonlight. I watched them for a bit, then went on back downstairs--I figured that if she was hungry and started crying, he'd be summoning me very quickly! However, until then, I thought that he'd enjoy spending time with his baby sister and seeing that she wasn't really so bad after all.

At any rate, we plan to celebrate her special birthday in high style, which means that I need to contact Dylan about scheduling and planning her party. Eleventh birthdays are always occasions of great importance in our family, as they mark the transition between true childhood and that first step toward becoming a fully trained witch or wizard. Therefore, the celebration must reflect the significance of that milestone. It will be a more formal affair, attended by family (ours and the Evanders) as well as her friends from the wizarding families. I'm sure she's also going to want to invite many of the Haras students as well, since she's gotten friendly with a number of the girls there and owls them often.

She'll also have a smaller party, of course, with all of her Muggle friends from the village--she's so close to so many of the girls, and they'll have fun together; pizza and ice cream, Muggle films on the big-screen telly, talking about boys and trying on clothes and makeup.

I really ought to owl Dylan this evening, to make sure that his schedule doesn't get filled. I know he's getting busier and busier all the time, and Finn told me that he's even hired a new assistant to help in the office. So wonderful that both of the boys are so successful in their respective fields!

Owl to DylanCollapse )

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Wednesday, December 29th, 2004
9:25 pm
A CRUP!!! I got a Crup for Christmas and she's a GIRL and she's the CUTEST thing EVER!!!! I got loads of other things too, but my Crup was the best thing that I got and I love her so much!

Mum and Da gave her to me on Christmas morning, and I was so surprised--I asked Father Christmas for one, but I didn't think I'd really get one because Mum says that there are more MacNeil animals about than anyone could ever need. Buuuuuut....I got a Crup and she was sitting under the Christmas tree with a big red bow on her neck (well, kind of on her neck, because she'd already chewed it most of the way off and eaten it). She's so pretty and she's white with brown on her head and sides and her tail (which is still forked, so Da's going to have to use a Severing Charm on it--YUUUUCKKK!!!--but he said it won't hurt her at all) and she's only eight weeks old. He said that somebody he works with at the Ministry had a Crup who had babies and this one wouldn't growl or bite Muggles like she's supposed to so he was going to get rid of her (I think that means he was going to KILL her or something and that would be so MEAN to do to such a sweet baby!) but anyway, Da said he wanted her for me since so many of my friends are Muggles and she won't be stroppy with them like a regular Crup.

I think I'm going to name her "Teine Sith" which means 'fire fairy' and Da says that it refers to the will o' the wisp of the Hebrides, which is good for her because she runs away from you like the will o' the wisp when she's playing. And, Mum says that "she's full of fire" so I think that's a good name for her.

I can't wait for Bran to see her! I'll bet she's going to chase his big old furry Bat all around and bite the fur on his tail! Oooooh, and Dylan and Finn will love her and she can play with CC!

Teine Sith!!!Collapse )

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Sunday, December 19th, 2004
10:59 am
Just in case....because you never know...
My Letter to Father Christmas

Dear Father Christmas,

I thought that it might be a good idea to write you since it's getting really close to Christmas Eve and I know you're going to be busy. See, Tracy Keeling, Beth Dunn and Christie Bale (they're three girls in the village and they're my friends but they can be real toerags prats sometimes. They were saying that there's no such thing as magic (which I know there IS!!!!) and that there's no such thing as Father Christmas and it's just mums and dads putting things under the tree and lying to their kids to make them be good all year. So, right, if they said that about magic, then they must be DIM which means they're wrong about you too. Besides, I heard Dylan telling Finn that if he wasn't good, Father Christmas wouldn't be coming at their house by the Christmas tree that night and Finn said that he'd make sure you (Father Christmas) knew just exactly how good he was so that he'd get everything that he wanted. He even said that he'd sit on your lap and show you how good he was. Since Finn's a professor, I think he'd know more about your existence than Tracy, Christie and Beth do.

Anyway, just in case, here's what I'd like for Christmas this year. If you can't get all of it, just tell my Da to get the rest, okay?

1. My own owl so I don't have to keep using the ones of Mum's and Da's. They like to try to bite sometimes. I think they must be related to Phoebe's boy owlfriend, Tal.

2. Loads of sweets from Honeyduke's, especially sugar quills and candy floss because those are my favourites.

3. New riding boots because I've almost outgrown my other ones.

4. A new pink duvet for my bed because I spilled ink on the other one and didn't tell Mum because I knew she'd be mad since I wasn't supposed to be using quills on the bed like that and the ink got all dried up and wouldn't come out even with a Scourgify Charm.

5. Books about horses and faeries and the Sidhe.

6. Makeup so I can look like Wyn and Martine and Eveline, even though Bran says that even if I slapped on loads of it, I'll always look like a dog's breakfast. But he's a stupid wanker tosser boy so what does he know?

7. A Crup

8. A new blue dress robe with peacock feathers on it. You can get that at Mrs Evander's dress shop at 114 Diagon Alley, Eyelops Corner.

9. For Bran to get knocked off his broom at his next Quidditch match at Hogwarts (but not from very high because I don't want him to get hurt or anything, just embarrassed) in front of Aidan McCloy and all of the Bats players. It would serve him right for being a great prat.

10. Loads of nice things for the kids at Haras because they're really, really, really nice and I like them a lot. And because lots of times they don't get things because people want to be mean to them just because they're werewolves and vampires and it's not like it's their fault or anything and that's just STUPID.

Thanks a lot and I'll be sure to leave you something good beside the tree. Da's got a bottle of whisky that's really, really old--even older than Finn and Dylan--and I don't think he'll miss it if I give it to you. Just don't drink it all and then try to drive because that's Not Good.


Ciara A. MacNeil

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8:17 am
My goodness, but things are certainly getting down to the wire with holiday preparations! It scarcely seems possible that it's nearly Christmas, and I still yet have so many things to get accomplished. Baking, last minute gift buying, sorting the dinner menus, getting schedules coordinated for the Ministry party, our family events and such...it's a veritable whirlwind. Oh, and I must make sure that we have a nice fat goose for Christmas dinner; I'll have Mrs Baxter Apparate to the village to purchase one before the shop is picked clean. Graeme said that the Ministry was gifting its employees with a goose for each family, but remarked that he doubted that they were actually geese as they looked more like badly plucked Augureys.

At least the house is completely decorated; we finished that up last night, although I was beginning to wonder who was going to win the competition at the tree--Graeme or the strands of fairy lights. I told him to let me help get the lights sorted, but he insisted that he was going to do them himself--"I'll handle this affair, Catherine, won't take but a tick, so you need to get the ornaments out and ready for when the lights are up and going..."

Dear me, I'm quite surprised that any of the lights survived the process and I'm fairly certain that Ciara now has a whole new volume to add to her vocabulary of Gaelic swear words. Of course, I ended up having to beg off to the kitchens at several points in time, ostensibly to look in on the spice cakes and mince pies that Mrs Baxter was baking but in reality it was to keep Graeme from seeing me falling about laughing at his antics. Honestly, one would think that an ex-Auror and now head of the Auror Division at the Ministry could prevail over a pile of fairy lights. Evidently, though, they should be classified as XXXXX and placed in the category with Basilisks, Manticores and even Dementors. By the time I was ready to start placing the crystal ornaments on the tree, the poor thing was looking decidedly a bit worse for the wear. Nothing that a few Repairing Charms couldn't handle, but Graeme looked very pleased with himself that he'd mastered the mighty evergreen. I'm sure that his Highland ancestors would be quite proud, although I did notice that Silencing Charms had been placed upon several of the family portraits that line the walls of the parlour!

We'll be attending Christmas Eve festivities with the Evanders at their home in the Cotswalds, which will be lovely; they've always treated Graeme, Ciara, Mrs Baxter and myself as if we were family and it's so nice to be part of such a merry, wonderful crowd. It's always a large and raucous affair, but Cassie never seems to mind. She's in her element with that, which certainly explains where Dylan gets his flair and enthusiasm for the parties that he plans and coordinates so beautifully. (Must remember to owl him with the final details for my and Graeme's Hogmanay party too!)

Then, on Christmas Day, the Evanders will come up here to Barra for dinner and gifts--a more quiet and intimate gathering than the night before surely, but still so wonderful and full of love, companionship and warmth. Our two families have certainly become one with the marriage of our sons, and we couldn't be more pleased about it. We're all very lucky.

Ahhh, well...enough musing! It's time to get back to business and make certain that everything's in order so that we can sit back and relax, enjoying the holidays with our loved ones around us. After all, that's what the season is all about, is it not?

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Saturday, November 27th, 2004
8:25 am
Mrs Baxter informed me this morning that she'd "prepared far too many strawberry tarts and, while she had no idea how she'd miscalculated the recipe so, it'd be a right shame for them to go dry and stale because there were just too many for four people". I agreed that it would be a terrible waste, so why not take the extras over to Finn and Dylan's, since strawberry tarts are my son's favourite pastry and have been since he was a wee lad? She thought that sounded like a grand idea, and while I readied myself for a visit, she put them in a large hamper, along with who knows how many other treats and delicacies for her "sweet darlings". She spoils those two to no end, although I have to admit that I'm just as bad about it myself!

Besides, it'll likely be a welcome surprise to have a basket of food on hand since I know that Dylan will be terribly busy with that Kilcarrick party today, and Finn will surely be helping him as well.

I'll be glad to see Dylan finished with that affair, to be quite honest. I know he's been dreading it, and how could he not? That Esmeralda Kilcarrick is the most demanding, pretentious creature on the face of this earth. Always strutting about with an air of supposed importance about her, looking down that long nose of hers at everyone that she deems to be beneath her in social stature. She's a regular horror, that woman, and Dylan must have the patience of all the saints to have not hexed her by now. And truly, as bad as she is, that husband of hers is far worse, far more insidious and malevolent.

Urien Kilcarrick is the sort of man who makes you feel as though you need a very thorough scrub in a hot bath after you've been in his presence for even a few minutes. The way that he speaks to you, the way that he looks you up and down and treats you as if you're an object makes you feel as though you've been almost violated. I can't stand to be near him, and it just infuriates Graeme when the man tries to take my hand and kiss it each time he greets us at a social function. He nearly went apoplectic when Urien began speaking to Ciara once at an afternoon garden party held by one of Graeme's Ministry colleagues.

Of course, being married to a woman like Esmeralda would likely explain a lot of his behaviour, but still... He's just lecherous, and not only to women. I saw him eyeing a young waiter at an affair once that had the young man so disconcerted that he spilled an entire tray of drinks.

Well...at least Dylan's interaction with that lovely couple will be finished by this evening, and I'm sure that he'll be very pleased to see that party at an end. In the meantime, I'll take these treats over to the boys and visit with them for a bit before I head over to Diagon Alley for a bit of shopping. After all, Christmas is just around the corner and I need to start decorating that house!

::tosses a pinch of Floo powder into the fireplace, speaks clearly::

Finn? Dylan? Boys, are you home? It's Mum--I have some food for you that Mrs Baxter sent!

::eyes widen a bit as CC rolls into view, squeaking sadly and acting as though he's in distress::

Cu Chulainn! What's wrong, my little sweet? Where are Finn and Dylan?

::realises that something's not quite right, steps through the green flames and into the living room, placing the hamper on the coffee table and bending to pick up the forlorn ball of fur::

What's the matter, love? Where are the boys? ::cuddles the whimpering animal as she walks through the silent house, notices the door to the library shut and stops as CC gives a shrill chirp::

Boys? Finn?

::opens the door to the study, gasps::

Oh, dear God...

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Sunday, October 17th, 2004
8:01 am
Fairies and Trees
Just the other day, one of Ciara's little friends gifted her with the most darling book I've ever seen. Of course, all of her playmates here on Barra are Muggles, and we've continually stressed to her that she must never reveal the fact that we're wizarding. I know it must be a difficult thing to expect of a young girl, but she's been so diligent in guarding our family secret from her friends.

Anyway, this little girl, Lily, gave Ciara a book that was written and illustrated by a Muggle named Cicely Mary Barker. Although the pictures don't move, obviously, Ciara was absolutely enthralled with it because the illustrations and poems are so breathtakingly beautiful. She sat in the conservatory for hours yesterday as I was working on a painting, poring over it and laughing with delight as she turned each page. Her obvious enjoyment of the book intrigued me, so I sat down beside her to see what the excitement was about.

Well, I must say, the entire book was just a joy to behold. The illustrations were simply stunning--although Miss Barker was a Muggle, her depictions of the various fairies of the garden and wayside were beautiful to behold. Of course, they didn't look like real fairies; she'd used the images of children that she knew and had seen to portray each individual fairy as she arrayed them in the petals and leaves of the flower or plant that they were guardian of. On top of her incredible talent as an artist, her knowledge of botany was beyond impressive.

I found myself as enthralled as Ciara, and we sat together in the sunshine of the conservatory for the better part of the afternoon, reading the poems and delighting over each new image that we discovered.

When Ciara turned the page and revealed the 'Pear Blossom Fairy', she clapped her hands with delight and squealed "Dylan!"--indeed, the rosy-cheeked cherub who inspired that particular portrait looked so much like how Dylan must have looked at that age. He was absolutely precious with his blond curls and his joyous expression, hands outstretched in delight; Ciara kept saying that we must make sure that Dylan saw the picture.

Then, when we came upon the 'Beech Tree Fairy', I literally caught my breath, for it was as though Miss Barker had come upon Finn in an unguarded moment and captured him for her own. Nearly every detail, from the dark curly hair, to the fair complexion to the thoughtful and somewhat pensive expression, was exactly like Finn when he was a child. Just looking at the drawing brought tears to my eyes as I traced the delicate features with my finger and remembered him as a boy. Such a beautiful child, and now such a handsome man that I'm so proud to call my son.

I decided then and there to copy the pictures and send them to the boys, along with a pear tree and a beech tree to plant in their yard. Oh, call me a romantic, but I just couldn't resist! Those pictures were just so darling, and I thought it would be wonderful for Dylan and Finn to have the pictures of 'themselves' along with a lovely, living reminder of the trees that Miss Barker felt were loved and protected by such beautiful fairies who looked so much like the child versions of the two young men that I love so much.

Pear Blossom Fairy and Beech Tree FairyCollapse )

Knowing Finn, he'll insist on planting the trees side by side, and probably having Dylan plant the beech tree while he plants the pear tree!

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Saturday, June 19th, 2004
11:19 pm
Owl to Dylan
My darling Dylan,

I must apologise for forgetting to include this one gift amongst the others for your birthday! That's what I get for telling Graeme to not forget to bring them along to your parents' house for your party Friday night--he may be wonderfully organised at his Ministry job, but there are times that I wonder if he'd forget his head were it not firmly attached to his body. Anyway, love, I hope that you enjoy it.

I know this won't get to you before you and Finn leave for your weekend, but I've instructed Gaelen to leave it round the back of the house for you. He'll probably still be there when you get back, though; such a sweet owl, but I do believe that he's a bit smitten with your Phoebe. She'll have to nip him and tell him that she's properly involved with Aidan's Tal. ;-)

Happy Birthday, Dylan! Graeme and Ciara send their love and birthday greetings as well!

Love always,


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Thursday, May 27th, 2004
7:46 am
Amazing. Unbelievable...I *didn't* believe it, even after Finn told me about it and explained the entire situation to me--all that had happened ten years ago, what really happened that night.

My old friend and colleague, Quintin Augustine...alive--not murdered along with the rest of his family. Well...not alive in every way; Turned, made into a vampire. But even so...he exists still, and has been living in secret all these years, hiding from everyone. I suppose it's understandable; but still, I have to say that I was absolutely gobsmacked to hear it from my son. Finn told me that he'd spoken to Quintin, that's he a friend of Quintin's son Vincent--I remember him well; he was a lad of about sixteen when I first met the family shortly after they moved to England.

Anyway, Finn told me that Quintin would like to meet with me, to talk and catch up with one another. It'll have to be done in secret, of course, and such that his needs are properly addressed. I think that perhaps coming up to the estate might be preferable; the wards here are about as strong as they can possibly be. Also, we have plenty of interior rooms that will allow no natural light inside. However, I'll let him make the decision on that.

Owl to Quintin AugustineCollapse )

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Saturday, January 10th, 2004
4:38 pm
Owl to Cassie Evander (along with champagne and two dozen pink roses)
My dearest Cassie,

Let me tell you again how absolutely *incredible* the fashion show was! I didn't get nearly enough time there to let you know how delighted I was at being asked to participate, since we were both so busy. Still, words cannot begin to describe how much fun I had. I'm still giddy over the whole experience.

I fear that I'm dreadfully late in getting this small token of appreciation to you, but things have been quite hectic since then for me as well. Still...no excuse! I hope you enjoy the champagne--do share it with that lovely husband of yours. He amuses me to no end, with his constant attempts at being so stern, and then I'll catch him in an unguarded moment when he's watching you or playing with Ciara or somesuch--the softness and love on his face belies his true personality. But, really, aren't men *always* like that? I know Graeme is always whinging about how many dresses and robes I have, yet he has requested that I buy many of the pieces in the line that were featured at the show. So, love, I'll be popping by the shoppe soon for a spending spree!

Speaking of the clothing, I must say that I am still absolutely in love with the pieces that you had me wear in the show; such incredible workmanship and the designs are exquisite. I do wish that you had let me pay for them, as well as the ones Ciara wore. Additionally, the pieces that Finn and Dylan wore were just gorgeous as well.

We really must get together for lunch soon! Perhaps sometime in the coming week? I know that Finn said you were ever so busy in getting things together for Paris, but we shall work around that. I find myself desperately in need of some girl time, complete with good food, good gossip and most of all, good company!

Owl me soon, dear, and we shall make plans.



PS I'm enclosing a note from Ciara, who wanted to thank you herself for allowing her to participate.

To Mrs Evander, From Ciara Aithne MacNeilCollapse )

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Thursday, December 11th, 2003
8:24 am
Owl to Dylan and Finn
DYLAN!!!! (and Finn)

She said YES!!!! Mummy said yes and I can be in the fashion show and wear the pretty pink dress that your mummy is making for me!!!! AND she said I can *keep* the dress and I'm going to wear it EVERY SINGLE day. Yes, and I'll wear my pink ribbons with it too! I can't wait!

And I get to go to lunch with Mummy and your Mummy at *CYNFUL* just like a *grown up lady* and have tea and little sandwiches and *everything*! It's going to be SOSOSOSO cool!

Love and Kisses!!!


PS I still hate Bran.

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Wednesday, December 10th, 2003
9:13 am
::Owl to Cassie Evander::

Ciara told me that Dylan had said you would like for her to be in the upcoming fashion show. While I certainly don't mind that at all, I did want to check with you first! After all, Ciara tends to get overly excited about things, and tends to hear what she wishes to hear. She could very easily have taken Dylan's words out of context, so I thought that I'd better check with you before letting her get her hopes up too high.

I'm looking so forward to attending, as always! Your fashions are never anything short of breathtaking, and I'm quite certain that I'll be able to find something wonderful for the holiday party season. Of course, Graeme will say that I have plenty of dresses and robes as it is, but you know how men are. He'll come round, he always does. Besides, he never means it--he's always winding me up about my over-stocked closet.

Speaking of winding up, it seems that Bran did a fine job of winding Ciara up the other day with his letter and gift of the 'Dodo' bird. Honestly, Cassie, I thought that I would *die* of laughter as I read it, especially seeing her in such a righteous state of indignation over it all. She was mortified and furious, but as you and I both know, such is the way of young men who are infatuated with girls for the first time. How well I remember Graeme doing the same thing to me when we were in our first years at Hogwarts--he was simply *awful* with his teasing and obnoxious remarks regarding my hair, clothes and 'Ravenclaw obsession with books'. I seem to remember laying one of those books alongside his head once or twice though!

Right, so please let me know if you truly wish for Ciara to participate in the fashion show, and I'll bring her round for the fittings. That will give us a chance for a cup of tea and a bit of gossip, which I dearly miss! Besides, we need to get our plans for the holidays sorted, as they are rapidly approaching. (Too rapidly, it would seem, as I look at my 'To Do' list!)

Looking forward to hearing from you, dear!


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Wednesday, December 3rd, 2003
8:56 pm
Owl to Finn and Dylan
Dear Finn and Dylan,

First of all, I hate Bran. Yes, I do. He's mean and he's stupid and I think he's just a big dumb prat. I sent him one of my birds, the prettiest one, and do you know what? He sent me a bird back. It was one of your's Dylan, I know because I've seen them when you made them for me. And he said it was a DODO BIRD and that he sent it to me because it reminded him of *ME*! I am NOT a dodo bird!!! And that's the last time I'm ever, ever, EVER going to send him ANYTHING!!!!!!! I was going to ask Mo to ask Aidan to help me pick him out something for Christmas, something with those Bats on it, but I'm not going to now.

But even if I hate Bran, I still love you Dylan. And your Mummy and Daddy and Wyn because she let me put on some of her makeup last time I was there.

I'm going to clap really, REALLY hard for you at the fashion show, okay? You're both going to be so handsome but I'm not going to clap for Bran. I hope he trips on his robes and falls off the stage. And then I can laugh at him.

See you then!!!!!!!!

Hugs and Kisses!! XOXOXOXOX (Mummy said that means hugs and kisses too!)


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